De Summit

De Summit Condominium is planned well in advance before the growing Kuching City become overcrowded where lands become limited and too expensive. In an attempt to provide the most exclusive low-density living at affordable prices considering land cost in its locality, the reward may not justify the risk of undertaking De Summit project. The owner admitted that the land was acquired cheaply many years ago and the current market value of the land is not fully considered in the pricing.

The owner also added that this project within the same location and with similar input of facilities and amenities could not be repeated unless the density is increased by many times. This new generation exclusive modern dream home with host of expensive facilities and amenities therefore become available and affordable to our many proud homeowners and investors today.

* The information given is subject to changes as maybe required by the consultants. All drawing specifications are artist impression only. Whilst every care has been taken in producing this web pages, the owner cannot be responsible for any error or omission.

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