Nex Residen

Front View Terrace L815 & L79

Nex Residen is creatively designed with a modern and trendy facade combined with interior and exterior design. The 23′ x 40′ double storey terrace houses, 28′ x 50′ semi d houses & 20′ x 40′ medium cost houses located at Jalan Muara Tuang (behind SK Muara Tuang, near APT Muara Tuang Park) consists of 47 units (30 terrace, 2 semi d & 15 medium cost) 

  • Double Storey Terrace: starting 405K 
  • Double Storey Semi D: starting 650K 
  • Low Cost Plus: starting 259K 

For further details, please contact call or whatsapp 

  • 0128559910(Ezra) 
  • 0168899220(Addy)

Rear view Terrace L815 & L79


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